Academic Advising at Ohio State - Collaboration and Communication

Enhancing synergy within the advising community

Building a strong network and support system is more than an occasional social event; it's providing intentional programming and resources around issues central to advisors across campus. With an appreciation for the unique ways a college office's advising office functions, there are many university-wide topics and policies that should be centrally discussed amongst advisors. With this in mind we've created the following initiatives for advisors to share best practices, collaborate on initiatives, and bounce ideas off of each other about everyday advising situations.

Dean's Committee on Undergraduate Academic Advising

For information visit,

Analytics in Advising User-Group

A place for advisors, who run data for their units as an official part of their job, to be exposed to training experiences related to data analysis and to share best practices around the use of data.

Advising Administrators Committee

Advising administrators, who voluntarily participate, come together monthly to discuss policies and procedures central to the business of advising across campus in order to understand each unit's implementation practices, collaborate more effectively and, when appropriate, develop consistency across campus on selected (and agreed upon) processes and policies.

Advisor Training Program

For information visit, our Advisor Training Program's web page.

Online Advising Encyclopedia

There are over 40 topic libraries on university policies and processes advisors must know. This resource not only serves academic advisors, but those across campus who interact with the advising community also have access. If you think you would benefit from having access to this resource, please contact

Advisor Appreciation Week

For information visit, our Advisor Appreciation Week's web page.