Academic Advising at Ohio State - AdvisingConnect

What is AdvisingConnect?

AdvisingConnect is a university student-advisor relationship management tool—a tool that will continually develop in ways that will put students first and embrace eminence. Developed in 2008 by a partnership between the Office of Undergraduate Education (UE), Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), and the College of Arts and Sciences (ASC), the aim of AdvisingConnect is to create a record of a student's advising contacts — the issues on which he has consulted, the advice with which she has been provided. This "institutional memory" summarizes the student's past, and access to that information can serve to improve efficiency, increase the continuity and coherence of advisors' conversations with the student, and provide, for the student, a more personal sense of contact, whether he is seeing the same advisor again, or some other advisor. The record can also provide useful information to other university personnel who are faced with questions (whatever their source) about the student.

Our Future

We are discussing many enhancements that will support a proactive approach to advising. If you are interested in more details about AdvisingConnect, please e-mail us at

Current Feature Highlights

Students are able to view notes written by advisors
Students, which went live on March 28, 2011, are able to login to a designated area and review the notes written by either their academic advisors or other university staff members who have the need to document their advice and/or course of action into an official academic record. Additionally, students may also obtain advising notes and assigned advisor contact information via OSU Mobile.

Advising Appointments
For participating academic units, students are now able to use AdvisingConnect to schedule their own appointments. In the near future, students will be able to use their mobile device to schedule advising appointments.

Student Rosters
Advisors are able to, easily and efficiently, view, manipulate (i.e., filter/sort), and send an e-mail to a list of students assigned to them. This is the easiest and most efficient way for advisors to obtain a list of assigned students at a moment's notice. A report is also available for managers to obtain a list of students enrolled in their college who are not assigned to an advisor in their college; this ensures that currently enrolled student's at Ohio State have an accurate advisor assigned to them in the Student Information System (SIS).

Manage Interactions with Prospective Students
Users, from participating colleges, have the ability to enter in data on an individual, who is not affiliated with Ohio State (i.e., no official Ohio State student ID), so they can schedule an appointment. All users have the access to add a note for a prospective student.