Academic Advising at Ohio State

Academic advising at Ohio State is provided by the colleges and/or the departments that offer the programs — the degree(s), the major(s), the minor(s) — a student is pursuing. Where a student should go, therefore, to seek academic advice will vary by student and by academic program. Even within a single program, a student may have multiple advisors, and a student with multiple programs could have four or more advisors. Although it may seem inefficient, this distribution of responsibilities ensures that a student receives advice from someone who knows a program well, rather than "generically," knows the "ins and outs" of requirements and the particularities of courses. For more information about the role of academic advising at Ohio State.

The Office of Undergraduate Education is committed to providing support and resources to the advising community; a community that plays an important role in the success, retention, and persistence of our undergraduate student population.

We provide:

  • A comprehensive training program for new and experienced advisors; a program that complements training experiences provided by individual advising units.
  • Initiatives that facilitate collaboration and communication between advisors across Columbus and Regional campuses
  • Programs connecting advising to campus in different ways in order to enhance current and establish new collaboration points with the advising community, as well as increase understanding and awareness of academic advising at Ohio State.
  • Information to students to help them efficiently navigate academic advising.
  • Support for technology in advising by managing a technical solution for central advising notes and roster and student-appointment management, documenting current technical solutions across advising units and evaluating ways we can share or collectively purchase in order to work more efficiently with our students, providing a platform to discuss how learning analytics impacts advising, and to serve as a resource for inquiries related to technology.